Mr. Shahid Munir founded Nu-Town Entertainment, Inc. in 1993.  Prior to establishing Nu-Town Entertainment, Inc., Mr. Munir was the Chief Executive Officer of an Atlanta-based record company. During his years at the helm of this organization, Mr. Munir worked directly and indirectly with innumerable artists who have gone on to national and international fame.  His successes brought him into the inner circles of the recording industry and earned him a solid reputation for adhering to the highest standards in music production.
In addition to his work as an accomplished entrepreneur and recording industry executive, Mr. Munir further capitalized on his extensive knowledge of the wider entertainment industry by establishing Forces Of Kujichagulia, Inc. (FOK), which provides security services for celebrities including distinguished politicians.  Among the clients that have used FOK’s services are: Boys to Men, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Eddie Murphy, Nelson Mandela, Al Sharpton, and the Rev. Floyd Flake.
Mr. Munir has dedicated much of his time, resources, and expertise as a producer to various community organizations and projects.  Among the recipients of his services are the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, 71st Precinct, located in New York and the Alexandria Boxing Club, Alexandria Community Center in Virginia, local church groups, and other communities in the metro Washington, D.C. and Tri-State areas.  Nu-Town’s signature production, “Showcasing the Best” has become a popular program featuring fresh talent from some of the major city and urban areas nationwide.  
Mr. Munir was the administrator on smash hit BetterDayz, which is presently at Blockbuster videos and on cable channels. He is currently working with other film producers such as Norman Linton, Andre Jones, Jim Glover (commercial and film writer, wrote Carmen Brown starring Omar Epps and Beyonce) and Orville Bennett, Paul Campbell (producer of Fire, starring Robert Klein, Nick Ashford, Carol Williams, Frederico Cstelluccio)..  
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